Mae by Damiva Vaginal Lubricant

Vaginal dryness is natural. So is the solution.

Mae by Damiva is a 100% natural vaginal lubricant that restores moisture. With only 6 ingredients that are all found in nature - kokum butter, cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, sucrose, sea buckthorn extract and vitamin E - Mae is formulated for your long-term vaginal health.


Mae by Damiva
1 Box (10 Ovules)


Mae by Damiva
4-Pack (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)


Thanks for An Awesome Twitter Party!

We had a fantastic dialogue about #vaginas during our #DamivaTalks Twitter Party.  We had no idea that there were so many euphemisms for #vagina out there!  Thanks to @JanineFalcon @beautygeeks @beauty_editor @menopause info @back2thebedroom @justisseprof for entertaining and educating almost 50,000 party attendees.  And congrats to the lucky winners of our Rexall and London Drugs gift cards and beauty packages.



Treating Vaginal Dryness Naturally – Webinar

Listen and learn about treating vaginal dryness naturally in a webinar conducted by Lisa Leger, women’s health expert, and hosted by Chia Chia Sun.

You can click the link below to watch the Youtube video:

The Solution Revolution Webinar

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